Application for Municipal Borrowing

Jan 5, 2022

Town of Maple Creek

Public Notice

Application for Municipal Borrowing


Pursuant to Sub-Section 164/165 of The Municipalities Act and in accordance with the Town of Maple Creek Bylaw No. 2005-MC-18 known as the “Public Notice Policy Bylaw”, public notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Maple Creek will meet to discuss (date to be announced) Construction Loan borrowing in the amount of up to $2,900,000.00 (Two Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars) over 2022-2023 period for the purpose of Construction of the Pool and Pool Change House.

The amount of said debt shall be payable upon receipt of funds from Long-Term borrowing, Grants, Donations and possible Special Tax but not longer than 15 (Fifteen) years.

Individuals wishing to make presentations or to be heard regarding this matter should contact the Town of Maple Creek, CAO at 205 Jasper Street or by Telephone at 306-662-2244 prior to January 21, 2022

Dated this 05 day of January, 2022.