Swimming Pool



Referendums are forms of direct democracy where the voters of a municipality are entitled to vote to signify their acceptance or rejection of a particular proposal.
At the July 27, 2021 Regular Meeting of Council, Town Council accepted the request for a referendum vote on Wednesday, September 22, asking if the Town should delay the Swimming Pool Project until half the funds are raised.
Voters will have the opportunity to vote during the Town of Maple Creek's By-Election on Wednesday, September 22 at the Armoury between the hours of 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

The Vote

The Swimming Pool Project is estimated to cost $2.9 Million. This referendum vote is as the following:
         I do agree that the Swimming Pool Project should be delayed until half the funds are raised.
         I do not agree that the Swimming Pool Project should be delayed until half the funds are raised.

Pool Information

The Contract with MasterPools

On October 13, 2020 a Resolution was passed to award the tender to MasterPools. The Town of Maple Creek signed a contract with MasterPools on April 28, 2021.

It is a $2.9 Million start-to-finish project.

Our goal is the bring this cost down through the use of:

  • Local contractors
  • Volunteers
  • Time in Lieu


Site / Water Table

The water table issue:

  • 444 Gallons of water was pumped out per day

The Solution:

  • Discharge water into sanitary sewer main
  • We were given permission from our EPO (Environment Project Officer)



Heated (more durable) came recommended.


  • Option of ICF or Precast building material
  • ICF is a distinct possibility. It is more affordable and can be done by local contractors.



Use of ICF is not recommended

  • Shifting can be an issue
  • ICF are more appropriate for shallow pools



  1. Gas Tax: $864,226.08 TOTAL to be received until 2024
  2. Fundraising: $208,273.00 raised to date



To date: $164,787.17

  • Demolition, Geotech, Surveying, Consulting, Construction Drawings


Discussion of a LEVY for Payment of the Pool

There has been some discussion about putting on a special levy to help pay for the pool. This is what it could look like:

  • Length: 10 Years
  • Amount: Maximum $250.00
  • Start: January 2022

Fundraising and Grants will decrease the amount of years and total cost. Thus, this is still a current UNKNOWN.


Is there a Penalty for Delaying the Pool until 50% of the Funds are Raised?

No, with having conversation with MasterPools, there is no penalty with the delaying of the project.