Property Tax Incentives and Penalties

As per Bylaw No. 2021-MC-24

Frequently Asked Questions: 


1.  What are the Property Tax Incentives and Penalties?  (Bylaw No. 2021-MC-24)

Discounts on the municipal portion (no discount on the school portion) are as follows:

- 3.0% on amounts paid on or before January 31

- 2.0% on amounts paid February 1 through to March 31

- 1.0% on amounts paid April 1 through to July 31

- During the months of August and September, no discount is offered. 

- October 1 to December 31, applicable penalties of 1% per month will be   applied to balances owing.


2.  When are the property taxes levied in the Town of Maple Creek?

Once the budget process is completed, Town Council passes a resolution to accept the annual operating budget.  Bylaws are passed to implement the Mill Rate and Mill Rate Factors and then the current year property taxes are levied.

Education property taxes are based on the Mill Rates that are set by the Government of Saskatchewan.


3.  How are tax notices sent to property owners?

All notices are sent at one time by regular mail.  Due to the mass number, all notices go to the Canada Post centre in Regina for sorting and then are returned to the Maple Creek Post Office for distribution.


4.  Where are the discounts listed on my tax notice?

Amounts owing each month for property taxes are located at the bottom of the tax notice, corresponding to the deadline month.


5.  How can I pay my property taxes?

You can pay at your financial institution, by online banking, in person at the Town Office by cash, cheque or debit.  Please allow 2 to 3 business days for processing of online payments before deadline dates to ensure payment is received in our office.  If paying at your financial institution or by online banking, you can confirm your account number by contacting the Town Office.  Please remember that account numbers are specific to properties.    If paying in person by Debit Card, please be aware of the limits of your debit card for purchases.  The amount of property taxes may be over the limit. 

Our municipality does not accept payments for any Town bills by credit card as the fees incurred for credit card payments would be charged back to all residents.


6.  When are my property taxes due?

Property taxes are due and payable by December 31 of the year that they are levied.