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Communities in Bloom

Howdy Maple Creek Communities in Bloomers!  You can visit this page for all Communities in Bloom updates or like us on Facebook.

Community Garden

The CiB Community Garden is located on 1st Avenue beside the RCMP Detachment. The community garden has 10 raised beds that residents may rent for a growing season for a $25 fee. There are two raised beds available for residents to grow their own veggies. The first resident to pay the $25 fee will be awarded a raised bed for their personal use. Head over to the Town Office to secure your raised bed for 2018.

Maple Creek Wins Bronze 5 of 5 Blooms in 2017 National Competition

The Maple Creek Communities in Bloom won 5 blooms - Bronze rating in the 2017 CiB National Competition with special recognition for “Innovative Landfill Site”!! Thank you everyone who worked so hard this past year to make Maple Creek a more appealing place to visit, to live and to do business!!

CiB Yard of the Week – 2017

Week 9 – 216 Cypress 

The front yard is well maintained with a variety of shrubs and accent planters filled with beautiful blooms. The back yard is neat and tidy with an attractive patio with many colourful flowers in pots and hanging baskets.

Week 8  508 Claustre  

This home and yard is just really cared for - right from the grass and plantings to trimming the trees & hedges. Also, the back alley is as neat & tidy as the front. Very Pretty Yard!

Week 7 – 320 Highway 21 

This yard is absolutely bursting with beautiful colours, numerous pots, long wall planters, etc. It has the red and white them in some pots as well. You can see the whole property from the street as there really isn't a backyard.  It is taken up by a garage and a large covered patio. The owner spends a great deal of time each year selecting the plants. We love his yearly display of vibrant colours which are all selected with a gardener's care. The curb appeal is very pleasing to the eye.

Week 6  5, 4th Avenue  

This home was selected as the CiB Yard of the Week because of how neat and tidy it is. Everything is so well trimmed and pruned, and the shrubs are well edged. The property owner has installed rain barrels, and even the garbage bins are all neatly lined up.

Week 5 – 108 Herbert

The front is shaded and is part grass and part bark mulch with rocks and decorative objects, all nicely done. The back has beautiful flowers and grass, is very tidy and it a true oasis. It is a lovely yard.

Week 4 – 315 Marsh

This yard is well kept and beautifully maintained front & back. It is always capped off with lovely seasonal decorations.

Week 3 – 509 Walsh

It is always neat & well cared for. His roses in the front are given the best attention every season & always bloom beautifully. The back yard, visible from the street, is well maintained & is now blooming too!

Week 2 – 201 Hood

Eye-catching older yard attractively redone. It is on a corner lot with space for  rocks, gravel, trees and lawn. Neatly fenced back yard with garden, shrubs and lots of room for further development. This yard is well kept, clean and tidy.

Week 1 – 113 Lonsdale

The yard took on a transformation of some new and a little of this and a little of that. Some grass has been reintroduced where there was stone both front and back.  A whitty pelican has landed in front amoung some well placed rocks. There are also some delightful little raccoons playing as a family in and amoungst a stump and some rocks out front as well. Would have liked to have seen some more red and white in plant choices but is still tastefully done. The rest of the yard is very well kept.

CiB Business of the Month – 2017

September – Menkos

"We have chosen Menkos as the business of the month.  They have a very nice floral display outside their front entrance.  The long entrance to their business has been landscaped with black landscape rock and has a very neat and tidy appearance. " 

August – Cutting Edge

"We chose Cutting Edge for many reasons....The business is very appealing when you drive by.  The front of the business (streetscape) is neat and tidy, the windows & front door are always sparkling shiny, there are beautiful flower pots, a sidewalk to the front door, well-manicured green grassa and landscape ties, and a catchy business sign on the front of the building....all add to the appeal of the business. The yard and parking area is also well taken care of and organized, vehicles are parked orderly, garbage is contained, the yard overall is very well maintained. "

 July – Post Office

“We chose to select the Maple Creek Canada Post Office as the Business of the Month for the Community in Bloom initiative. The Post Office has undergone vast streetscape appeal improvements over the past couple years and continue to beautify their grounds. Along with the blooming floral display out front, picnic benches and a wood-constructed gazebo along the north side, repair work to the staircase completed, and the heritage of the building being maintained, the Post Office has become an attractive spot in the downtown heritage district. This award is well-deserved, good work!”

June – Maple Creek Landfill

"We the staff at B & A Petroleum have chosen the Maple Creek Landfill for “Business of the Month”.  We based our decision on all the great improvements Lynn and his staff have done to the landfill.  The flowers, trees, bird houses, garden pots, golf course and the lights have all been a tremendous addition to ones first impression of our local landfill.  The landfill is neat with organized structure and along with all of these extra additions deserves recognition by our local community.  Hats off to all the hard work that has been put into making our local landfill and much more appealing place."

Maple Creek Receives 5 of 5 Blooms in 2016 National Competition

The Maple Creek Communities in Bloom Steering Committee received 5 out of 5 blooms in the 2016 CiB National Competition with special recognition for “Main Street Redevelopment”!! Thank you everyone who worked so hard this past year to make Maple Creek a more appealing place to visit, to live and to do business!!